Excitement is Building!

After having my bike professionally fitted (it took two hours!,) and some basic lessons in bike repair, by the fine people at Alter Ego Sports, I finally feel confident about my decision! AND, with my to do list dwindling and drastic improvements in my fitness level at spin class, I can now channel my energy into getting excited for this crazy trip! So here are some of the aspects I am most looking forward to:

  • meeting interesting people
  • having the opportunity to interact with so many different cultures along the route
  • challenging my physical and mental limits like never before
  • brushing up on my Egyptian history
  • Sudan and its people
  • a safari in Tanzania
  • the photo ops in Ethiopia and Namibia
  • tropical fish of Lake Malawi (I hope I actually see some!)
  • some kind of adventure at Victoria Falls (I’m thinking bungee?)
  • the Okavango Delta in Botswana (thanks to David Attenborough I’ve been pretty obsessed with this place for the past couple years)
  • visiting wineries in South Africa
  • cycling through not one, but two real deserts
  • cycling up and down mountains for the first time in my life
  • avoiding the real world while immersing myself in what is perhaps a real-er one
  • camping under some crazy starry skies
  • seeing just how bad my tan lines can get
  • listening to every song on my iPhone
  • reading many of the great books I downloaded
  • and last but not least, finishing!

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