The Cost

Last Updated: January 9th, 2012

(in Canadian Dollars)

  • Tour: $13,266
  • Insurance (World Nomads and Ihi Bupa-for Sudan and Egypt): $612
  • Flight (from Winnipeg to Cairo and Cape Town to Winnipeg): $1,838
  • Sudanese Visa: $110
  • Ethiopian Visa: $66
  • Passport Photos: $55
  • Express Posts for Visas (3): $45
  • Travel Health Clinic: Meningitis & Polio vaccines, malaria prescription (already have Yellow Fever, Tetanus/ Diptheria, MMR, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B which together cost me over $600 in 2010): $284
  • Gear (prices listed on The Gear page): $4,630
  • Cairo Hotel (3 nights) and Transfer: $190
  • Excess Baggage: $120
  • Bike Box: $35
  • Bike Fit: $115
TOTAL: $21,371* not including $2,000 USD which I have budgeted for safaris, food, visas etc. I will update my trip expenses as I go.
*Of course there are also opportunity costs to be factored in (from forgone wages during the tour and in the preparation stages). I prefer not to think about these, or the real total would probably be closer to $40,000.
*I have not included the cost of items/services that I would have purchased otherwise (e.g. contact lenses, gym membership, dentist etc)
*I like to think that I may also be saving money while on this trip. I have no rent, cell phone bills, utilities etc so I’d estimate I will be saving at least $6,000 over the four month period. If you like to justify expenses the way I do that brings the real cost of this trip down to $17,371 (from $23,371 with budgeted spending money). Nice huh?

2 thoughts on “The Cost

    • murray, not gonna lie, i’ll probably try to stretch the life of the lenses a bit, but we’ll see how that strategy works in the desert. i did add an extra bottle of solution while thinking of you earlier haha

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